Shopping Service and Sales Post!! *u*

Thank you so much for everyone who has bought from me! <3 Unfortuately, I've moved so all of the items are in storage/aren't avalible anymore. :,C I'm going to close sales for now but I may reopen again once I get settled into my new place. Thank you again for looking! <3 <3

SERIOUS ONLY BUYERS PLEASE! <3 INTERESTED? LEAVE A COMMENT/MESSAGE HERE OR E-MAIL ME AT THANKS!  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please read the followings TOS before buying! Thanks!  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  FEEDBACK ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ DIRECT SALES TOS ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + All prices are in USD + NO items have shipping added unless otherwise stated + I ship worldwide from San Francisco, CA <3 + I ship using the cheapest shipping available for your package. If you'd like any other shipping method let me know! + I always give you a tracking number if shipped in the USA unless it's N/A for whatever reason + I do not charge Paypal Fees + I cannot be responsible for lost/damaged items ;3; + If you would like any additional pictures of the items please let me know  + I am open to trades but not on BBSB items~ Thanks! <3 + All prices are OBO (unless otherwise stated) + I accept Paypal or Concealed Cash (at your own risk) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SHOPPING SERVICE TOS AND INFO ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I'm trying out a new Shopping Service! I know it's not that exciting...but I live 3 blocks away from Japan Town so I'm willing to do a shopping service for anyone that is interested! Some of the main shops include: Angelic Pretty BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT BLACK PEACE NOW KINOKUNIYA BOOK STORES (carries most artbooks and japanese manga and Cosplay magazines) KINOKUNIYA STATIONARY (carries most San-X items ) and a couple other figurine shops here and there If you are interested in anything in particular in those shops I'm willing to try to find the item you are looking for. Just give fill out the form below and I'll try my best to find it for you! STORE: ITEM NAME: PICTURE OF ITEM: (very important to help me look for it faster!) QUANTITY:  YOUR ADDRESS:  SS TOS: + I charge a 10% SS fee of the TOTAL price of the item and Shipping. <3   + When I find the item, I'll try my best to take a picture of it in the store so you know that they DO have it. Sometimes this isn't possible...please understand..;3; + The item MUST be a real item. Please don't just say "clover stationary" then expect me to go look for something. ;3; + After the pictures are taken and I tell you the cost, I require payment upfront. I'll buy the item a.s.a.p. take pictures of it in my possession and then I'll ship it to you + If for some reason, the item gets bought before I can purchase it, I'll refund you all your money instantly + All shipping Tos are the same as stated above ======================= ================== Manga ================== Name: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness 1 Arist: Kou Sasakura Genre: Shonen Price: $3 Name: Sweet Revolution Artist: Yukine Honami and Serubo Suzuki Genre: Yaoi Price: $2 Name: Our Kingdom 1-5  Price: $20 (set) $5 each  Genre: Yaoi  Name: Beyond my Touch Artist: Tomo Maeda Genre: Yaoi Price: $3 \ Name: X-Kai Artist: Asami Toujoh Genre: Sho-ai/light yaoi Price: $3 for both

Name: Same Cell Organism Artist: Sumomo Yumeka Genre: Sho-AiYaoi Price: $4 Name: Constellations in my Palm Genre: Yaoi Price: $3 Name: Kissing Artist: Teiko Sasaki and Shoko Takaku Genre: Yaoi Price: $2

Name: Imadoki 1-3 Artist: Yuu Watase Genre: Shoujo Price: $4 for all 3 Name: Othello Artist: Toui Hasumi Genre: Yaoi Price: $4 Name: Wolf's Rain 1-2 box set with extra illustration board Genre: Shonen Price: $6 Name: How to Draw Manga Price: $2

================== ARTBOOKS ================== Name: Reborn Colore Price: $13 Description: A beautiful art book with full color illustrations from Amano Akira. It's the standard manga size so it's a bit small but the illustrations are worth it. I bought this for someone's request but she never contacted me back or payed me for it so I'm selling it. It's never been opened and the pictures are from my own copy of the artbook. Comes with stickers as well.   sample   Name: Barroco Vol.1 Price: $30 Description: A very beautiful art book showcasing art from various artist from various games. Also a small tutorial on how the front and back cover illustrations were made. Doesn't include the postcards like my last one did tho sadly. Brand new and never been opened. sample 1 sample 2 Name: Spiral Artworks Volume: 1 Price: $15 Description: One of my old favorites. A large full color art book. In very good condition.  sample 1 sample 2 ========================== DVD
========================== Name: Descendants of Darkness/Yami no Matsuei box set Price: $20
Description: Got these from a friend. In perfect condition. I've never watched them and they don't look like she watched them much either. :3 Name: Trinity Blood DVD 1-3 Price: $15 (set) or $6 for each Description: Hardly been watched. Nearly perfect condition. <3 Name: Complete First Season of Kyou Kara Maoh Price: $35 for full set  Description: Full set of Kyou Kara Maoh in nearly perfect condition. Comes with the three cel extras from the first few volumes. <3  ========================== MISC. ========================== Name: San-X canvas Bag Price: $15 Description: A very cute bag that I used probably only two or three times. A more deep pink color than how red this picture looks. In perfect condition. DVD there to show size <3 Name: Bleach Poster Price:$4 Description: A Bleach poster I won at one of the Yaoi-con give aways. I don't know anything about Bleach so this poor poster just sits about my house. It's still in perfect condition and still has the cardboard and plastic it came in. 
Name: Digital Photo Frame Keychain Price: $10 Description: A small little digital keychain that you can upload photos on to and then it'll display them as you walk around with it. Never been opened.  Thanks for looking! <3 Name: Photoshop CS2 UPGRADE  Price: $25 Description: The Photoshop CSI upgrade kit. Never been used since...I never even got Photoshop CSI sadly. For Windows. In perfect condition.  Name: Deery Lou Photoalbum Price: $5 ========================== Thanks so much for looking!! <3 ==========================



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